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Bunaken National Marine Park is one of the most diverse underwater areas in the world; an underwater treasure without limits, and one we look forward to showing you. It offers rare combination of marine biodiversity and warm water with visibility of up to 40 meters. Covering an area of 98,000 hectares, the park includes the islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain, and Siladen. Find yourself mesmerized by thousand years old pristine reefs like you’ve never seen before. Say hello to gentle green turtles, rainbow colored clownfish, miniature seahorses, and a whole lot more. We guarantee that once you get yourself in, you’ll look forward to the next opportunity to get back underwater. Whether you’re a pro or totally new to diving, we’ll make sure you love exploring the spectacular waters and feeling safe doing it. You’ll be guided by a qualified team of multilingual instructors. Our dive masters’ trained eyes have unique sense to detect particular marine species, large or small, so they can help find exactly what you’re looking for.

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