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An incredible journey of exciting adventures

When was the last time you did something for the first time? It’s been so long you have probably forgotten the exhilaration of a new discovery and how being spontaneous often is all that you need to do! So it’s time to pack your bag and let the incredible journey of exciting adventures in Luley be the wondrous escape you truly deserve. Whether you want to navigate the deep waters with world-class dive masters, breathe in the fresh air of mountains, or meditate in the tranquil retreat surrounded only by the sound of nature, at Luley you are the captain of your very own itinerary. As you reflect on these soul-enriching experiences, there’s a great chance you’ll also discover a new passion or hobby you never realized you had. Come to Luley and get ready to be reborn.

Sustainability and Environment

Contributes positively to our surroundings.

From a deserted stretch of white sands only 20 years ago, the Grand Luley coastline has now become home to a large variety of mangrove and wildlife, making it sanctuary to ocean pigeons, kingfishers, and more recently, the rare species of tarsius. The mangrove garden is now the center of Luley’s ecosystem, a living proof that no matter how small what we do, we have a direct impact to our environment. 

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